Our Collection

We have captured healthy daylight for indoors in three different luminaires. The Jolly James for your desk, the Bright Brenda for the ground and the Sunny Susan for the ceiling. Something for everyone! Scroll down quickly to see everything.

Jolly James

For the table there is now Jolly James. Solid on a base, with our 'butler' control ring. The light falls pleasantly and directly on your eyes, so you always benefit from healthy indoor daylight. The advantage is that it moves with a sit-stand desk.

Bright Brenda

When introduced at Dutch Design Week 2013, the world's first freestanding biodynamic LED concept.

It has curved tubes so that the base disappears under your table and does not take up valuable space. The top overhang is adjustable so that the light reaches your eyes optimally. She is available in serene matt white or tough matt black.

Sunny Susan

Sunny Susan hangs on elegant adjustable wires. It is preferably hung at a height of 2 metres. In this way, the light emitted remains sufficient and the control unit is always nearby. The control ring is located at the bottom of the shade.